A short history of the Tivoli, in honour of my parents who died too early.
In 1959 my parents André and Elisabeth Schneider had bought the Hotel-Restaurant Tivoli in Huningue at the river Rhine from Ernst and Anna Spindler. The place was already very famous back then and popular throughout the region, every Saturday evening there were dancing parties and the cuisine was delicious.
My parents expanded the Tivoli’s reputation as one of the first addresses for culinary delights. My parents proposed gastronomic and bourgeois meals and guests arrived from far away to taste the Chateaubriand, the rich hors d’oeuvres or fried carp. The art of cooking has always been an essential part of our offer. The hotel itself was family-run, quite and comfortable offering a hearty atmosphere, we ourselves lived in the buildings upper floor. And I have actually been born at the Tivoli.
In the 1970ties my parents decided to expand the hotel with an annex constructed right next to the existing building.
Unfortunately, on the 18th of December 1985 my mother died, I was 24 back then. Working as a cook I was already used to question myself each day, as this is part of the job, but the death of my mother stirred up a lot of emotions and I had a strong feeling of injustice. Thus, I reorganized my life, stopped working for Lasserre in Paris and came back to the Alsace, back to my father. During my career I had worked for such famous names as the 3 Rois in Basel, the Hotel du Rhône in Geneva, the Auberge d’Ill in Illhaeusern and the Lasserre in Paris acquiring a vast experience. My parents taught me the love for my work and I developed an eye for the details. In 1994 fate struck again, my father died suddenly and totally unexpected. Today I am at the head of the Hotel Tivoli***-Restaurant Phillipe Schneider with its personal, intimate atmosphere and a friendly and efficient team of 15 team members. Since 2010 you can also discover our house on our internet site…